Andi Dorfman's Book Is Ready: Will She Dish On Juan Pablo And Josh Murray?

Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman has been keeping a low profile in New York since ending her engagement to Josh Murray last January. Andi later revealed that they both had strong personalities and couldn’t always get along. Andi left Atlanta and pursued a new life in New York. Many had hoped that she would go back to the legal field to work, but she hasn’t really talked about what she does for work. According to a new tweet, Andi Dorfman is now revealing that her book will be available in May – and here she may open up about her new life.

“And then there was a COVER! So excited to finally share with y’all that #ItsNotOkay will be out May 10!” Andi revealed on Instagram while sharing a picture of her book cover. She later added on Twitter, “Pretty surreal seeing this book finally come together. Ready for May! Pre-order is available now.”

And then there was a COVER! So excited to finally share with y’all that #ItsNotOkay will be out May 10! ~< Pre-order link in bio! ~>

A photo posted by Andi Dorfman (@andi_dorfman) on Feb 25, 2016 at 2:20pm PST

The book is called “It’s Not Okay,” which plays on Juan Pablo Galavis’ “It’s Okay” comment that he said repeatedly throughout his season of The Bachelor. And as Andi told him, it’s not okay to not ask about her. She wanted him to get to know her, which is why she walked out of the show right after the Fantasy Suite dates. She claims he kept talking about himself, and didn’t ask about her at all.

And maybe this title could relate to something in her relationship with Josh Murray. The two were engaged for a few months, but ended their engagement suddenly after a live appearance. It is very possible she will dish some details in this book, like Courtney Robertson did in her book, I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends. Andi’s new book is out May 10, but is available for pre-order now.

What do you think of Andi Dorfman’s new book? Will you be getting a copy?

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