'Bachelorette' Star Chad Reveals He Was Discharged From Marines, Says He Only Dates 'Fit, Beautiful Women'

Chad Bachelorette JoJo Marines

Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson‘s online dating profile reveals that the 28-year-old luxury real estate agent is even more bizarre than the villain he plays on TV.

His Match.com profile [image below] was obtained by blogger Reality Steve and not only does he admit that he was “honorably discharged” from the U.S. Marines, the list of expectations he has for his potential date may be the reason he is still single.

chad johnson marines discharge bachelorette

Johnson confirmed in this Instagram pic that he did indeed serve in the Marines, his recently deleted Match.com profile reveals that he didn’t complete his tour of duty and was honorably discharged.

Of course, he doesn’t state why he was discharged, but according to Chron, there are a variety of reasons that would warrant an honorable discharge, including medical or psychological issues.

“A Marine who meets or exceeds all mission, unit, proficiency and personal conduct code requirements are awarded an honorable administrative discharge. Marines excused for medical or psychological issues that impair their ability to serve but would otherwise have performed honorably are also eligible for an honorable discharge.”

Finding out exactly why Chad was honorably discharged would be very difficult considering the Freedom of Information Act only allows the release of limited information to the general public. Bachelorette contestants supposedly undergo a complete background check, so chances are his reasons for leaving the service aren’t all that interesting.

What is interesting is the rest of his Match.com online dating profile, especially the parts where he states that he only dates “fit, beautiful women” and if you don’t qualify, you can still be friends — there just won’t be “any dating.” If he’s not interest in your profile? He just “won’t respond.”

Chad also reveals that he has “awesome genes” and wouldn’t trade his “life, body or genes” for anyone else’s, something that doesn’t come as a surprise since, in his ABC bio, he states his biggest achievement is to date is “being born good-looking.”

According to a previous report from Starpulse, Chad will be getting dishonorably discharged by Bachelorette JoJo on Episode 4 (June 7), but fans will soon see him on Bachelor in Paradise where he will be joined by the slightly less controversial Bachelorette star, Nick Viall.

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