Compact ePaper Business Card

Is your business card flashy? Is it useful in a pinch? Do they cost $32 each and come with an ePaper display? No? Well, then feast your eyes on this over-the-top business card with an ePaper display by [Paul Schow]. Looking to keep busy and challenge himself with a low-power circuit in a small package, he set about making a business card that can be updated every couple of months instead of buying a new stack whenever he updated his information.

Having worked with ePaper before, it seemed to be the go-to option for [Schow] in fulfilling the ultra-low power criteria of his project — eventually deciding on a 2″ display. Also looking to execute this project at speed, he designed the board in KiCad over a few hours after cutting it down to simply the power control, the 40-pin connector and a handful of resistors and capacitors. In this case, haste made waste in the shape of the incorrect orientation of the 40-pin connector and a few other mistakes besides. Version 2.0, however, came together as a perfect proof-of-concept, while 3.0 looks sleek and professional.

Final 3.0 Card With Wrencher

[Schow] advises the assistance of a magnifying glass or microscope in soldering to such a small board — lucky for him there was one available at the nearby TinkerMill – The Longmont Makerspace. He also ran into trouble with the display dimming due to lack of power, but solved it by adding a TLV61225DCKR boost converter. A light on the back flashes when the image is being changed for added effect. While this is a singular and ‘usefulness optional’ business card, don’t hand too many of these out if you care for your wallet.

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