Derrick Rose's Sexual Assault Accuser Says He's Trying To Intimidate Her

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose’s sexual assault accuser claims that he’s attempting to intimate her in new court documents obtained by Bossip. The accuser says she has not told her parents that she was raped and does not plan to. Rose wants them to be deposed in the case. 

The Chicago Bulls guard has asked to involve the alleged victim’s parents in the lawsuit. She claims he’s involving her parents “for the purpose of attempting to draw attention away” from the fact that he and his friends are “rapists.” 

“It’s crystal clear that they really don’t even care about the parents deposition,” the lawyer for the woman told BOSSIP. “It’s strictly to intimidate and harass my client. They think if they intimidate and harass her, she’ll drop the lawsuit.”

“We think it’s just another in a long line of tactics used to get her to fold,” Anand, her lawyer, told BOSSIP.

The woman says her mother is sickly and elderly and that she suffers from depression. She says her parents are irrelevant to the case. 

Rose is being sued for over $20 million dollars for allegedly gang raping the woman he was in a long-term but casual relationship with. Rose says the lawsuit is a money grab and that the woman is a gold digger. He says the sex between the woman, his two friends and himself was consensual. Rose claims the accuser is upset because he refused to reimburse her for sex toys used during the incident. 

In previous documents, Rose’s legal team has requested the woman’s name be revealed publicly. They’ve also cited that her Instagram is sexually suggestive, essentially slut shaming her, which is a commonly used method when pressuring women to drop sexual assault cases: 

“woman is publicly portraying herself as sexual and even her Instagram posts include photos that are sexual in nature. Further, she is dressed in provocative attire and poses in sexually suggestive poses … and even had photos indicating she engages in sexually-charged encounters with more than one man at a time.” 

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