Donald Trump Was Unable To Pay For Woman's Dinner In Early 70s, Former Date Reveals

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A woman who claims to have gone on ONE date with Donald Trump in the early 70s explains that the billionaire was “cash-less.”

Salon published an article written by Lucy Klebanow and it detailed a horrible date this woman went on with Donald Trump. The pair met through mutual friends at a bar in Manhattan. The exact year isn’t given, but it was about 40 years ago when the woman was 23 and Trump was in his late 20s. He asked her out and they set a date.

The writer recalls the doorman of her apartment complex phoning her up to say a man was waiting downstairs for her. When she arrived, she noticed a white convertible Cadillac parked outside with Trump in the driver’s seat.

“I was too surprised and flustered to be impressed. I felt like I was in a James Dean movie,” she wrote, stating that he leaned over and told her to get inside. “If he wanted to impress me, a Cadillac wouldn’t do it, but if he got out of the car, and opened the door for me, then I would be impressed.”

The woman described Trump as not too handsome, but “nice,” “preppy,” and “normal.” She added that he wasn’t a conversationalist and that she “didn’t think he was very bright.”

When Trump asked her where she’d like to have dinner, she told him Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn. He picked up the car phone and made reservations. Remember, at the time phones inside cars weren’t common in the early 70s.

When it came time to pay the bill, Trump was unable to pay. The reason? He didn’t carry cash and the restaurant didn’t accept credit cards. It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford it. The author of the story says he was extremely “embarrassed” and “flustered” at the incident.

According to Trump’s former date, he had zero sense of humor about the debacle.

“Let’s get aprons and do the dishes. It would be fun,” she told him. The former date continues that Donald’s “face was horror-stricken. He was flustered. Relax, I have the money. Oh, thank God. He swore he’d pay me back tomorrow so many times that I thought it not likely.”

The woman says to this day Donald Trump hasn’t paid her back. She ended the story with this: “Should he get to the White House, I would love to be paid back with interest. If he doesn’t get to the White House, I consider this story enough of a payback.”

It’s unknown if this story has any validity with the number of people opposing Donald Trump coming out of the woodwork. He’s a GOP presidential front-runner, so people will do anything to bring him down or make him look bad.

Do you believe the story?

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