Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Full House and Fuller House From Creator Jeff Franklin

This weekend was almost too much for our entertainment-obsessed selves to handle: From the Oscars to the premiere of Fuller House, there was pretty much no good reason to leave the house, much less your couch (props if it was a blue, checkered sofa with a golden retriever to keep you company). You might have shed a few tears watching the legacy cast of Fuller House reunite in the pilot, laughed as Kimmy and DJ tried to re-create the Dirty Dancing lift with Maks and Val from Dancing With the Stars, and ooh’d and aww’d as Steve tried to win back his high school sweetheart.

But what about the secrets behind the scenes? Whose idea was it to have the cast re-create iconic moments from the original series? And speaking of the original series, why was there such a major shift in storytelling the last few years? There was only one person who could answer all these questions and more, and that’s none other than the man who created Full House (and executive produces Fuller House), Jeff Franklin. He was the guy who discovered a precocious DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle; he was the guy who kept the cast together even after the show ended, and he’s the guy who made our sitcom dreams come true again after all these years. Listen in as we uncover never-before-told secrets, stories, and more.


(from left) Creator Jeff Franklin (who got his start writing for Laverne & Shirley and Bosom Buddies), Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and Scott Weinger.

Glamour: Out of the three guys—Danny, Joey, and Jesse—who are you most like?
Jeff Franklin: Wow, I haven’t gotten that question in 28 years! [Laughs] I have a little bit of all three of them in me, but I like to think I’m a little more like John Stamos than Dave Coulier or Bob Saget. In real life, I’ll leave that to other people to make that decision.

Glamour: Before we get to Fuller House, what was your favorite episode of Full House? Maybe one that made you a little more sentimental than the rest?
Jeff: Well, probably the pilot because that was the one that started it. There was so much magic that happened, and I just sort of knew this was something special. You never know if the audience is gonna find you or come along, but that one and the 100th episode. That was when [Jesse and Becky’s] babies were born. I also directed that episode, and that was such a milestone for me. That’s the dream, when it happened.

Glamour: What about a scene that really touched you the most?
Jeff: Well, there was a scene that we did very early on, with Michelle. I think it was season two with Michelle and Jesse, where she was upset because her little pal Howie was leaving. John and I talked about the scene, and it was one of the first times…I was always just in awe of what the Olsen twins were able to deliver, and it was just the most incredible thing I’d ever seen. We said, “Alright, let us see if we can shoot the scene and have her stay in character and be sad and then get cheered up, and then be sad at the end.” She really had to act. I think that was Ashley, and they were probably less than two years old and nailed it. The scene was beautiful, and the song we came up with was great.