Jamie Lee Curtis Admits To Drug Addiction In The Past

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis claims she had a past drug addiction problem. The star opened up after hearing about Prince’s death and the possible cause of it being due to his addiction to opiates.

Page Six reports that the 57-year-old actress admitted to a prior drug addiction in a Huffington Post essay she wrote.

“I too, waited anxiously for a prescription to be filled for the opiate I was secretly addicted to,” Curtis wrote. “I too, took too many at once. I too, sought to kill emotional and physical pain with painkillers. Kill it. Make it stop.”

Jamie Lee Curtis’ struggle began after she was prescribed painkillers following a medical procedure. This was a ways back and she’s been clean for over twenty years.

“I am one of the lucky ones as I have been in recovery from opiate addiction for over 17 years,” she wrote.

Curtis is happy to see the government join in the fight against opiates, but feels badly for those who died from their opiate addiction.

“I, like all of you, mourn the passing of a great artist but I also mourn the passing of potential artists past and present, caught in this deadly vise.”

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