Kim Fields Shares Love For Her Husband Ahead Of 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'

Kim Fields

Kim Fields has been staying rather silent on the gay rumors that surfaced on The Real Housewives of Atlanta earlier this month. Phaedra Parks had made jokes about how feminine Kim’s husband was, and some of the ladies took that as her hinting that he was gay. Kenya Moore took that joke and reveled that many people thought he was gay. Kim was furious when she learned about the gossip. As it turns out, she just wants people to know how happy she is. 

According to a new tweet, Kim Fields is now gushing about her husband on Twitter ahead of Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “Love this babe, but you forgot this “ol’ school lovin'” one :-) LOL,” Kim revealed on Twitter, sharing pictures of herself with her husband.

Of course, Kim never did say anything about her husband possibly being into guys. She simply revealed that she hopes Kenya Moore gets the mental help she needs, since she finds so much joy on making fun of other people’s sexuality. In her defense, Kenya did hint that she really doesn’t care whether Chris is straight or gay and if he was indeed gay, it would be something that would be between Kim and Chris. But it is interesting that she says this now, considering she was laughing about him acting differently while the ladies were in Jamaica.

It will be interesting to see how Kim Fields and Moore will interact over the next few episodes. Kenya did apologize to all of the ladies when they were in Jamaica, but it will be interesting to see how their friendship will evolve over the next few episodes and the reunion special. The reunion filmed this past week.

What do you think of Kim Fields tweeting about her husband and how much she loves him? Do you think she wants to prove to the world that things are more than alright?

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