Megan Fox Compares Herself To Bond Girls As Having Beauty AND Brains

megan fox

Megan Fox says people think that because she’s so beautiful, she must be shallow.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” star draws similarities between herself and the Bond girls.

“You know how women that are always cast in James Bond movies are pinups but their job in the movies is always being a marine biologist or neuroscientist? I think people react to me that way. Like, ‘Right, she’s studying neurobiology.’ But I am really interested in that,” Fox said.

Megan insists that it’s not worth “fighting the image that exists” because she thinks people “in general, are plebeians that are brainwashed by the type of media that they expose themselves to.”

The 30-year-old actress goes on to say that people “anticipate a shallowness,” “self-centeredness,” and a lack of self-awareness” in her.

Megan Fox says it doesn’t make much difference what she says or how eloquently she speaks, she’s going to be “made in what people desire me to be.” She adds that people might put her on a pedestal, but what’s next is probably a “human sacrifice.”

“The control is not in my hands,” Fox tells the Times.

The perils of beauty!

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