Quiz: Are You A Real Captain America Civil War Fan Or Just A F*cking Poser?

When was the first issue of “Civil War” released?

What are Captain America and Iron Man fighting over in the “Civil War” comic series?

There were a number of comic tie-ins released after “Civil War” called “Casualties of War”. Which hero did NOT lead one of these tie-ins?

How many films have led up to “Captain America: Civl War”?

The Avengers are literally at war in “Captain America: Civil War”. In the comics, what was the very first line-up of the Avengers?

In the “Civil War” comic series, what African American hero likens the proposed government act to slavery?

Black Panther is now in a Marvel movie! What year did the character debut?

Who causes an explosion that essentially starts the conflict in the “Civil War” comic series?

Who hunted down the villain who caused the explosion?

In the comics what is built on the ruins of the explosion?

What 2 heroes are not appearing in the film “Captain America: Civil War”?

What 3 Marvel crossover comic series developed events that led to the “Civil War” conflict?

Who is appointed director of S.H.I.E.L.D. at the end of the “Civil War” comic?

What year was the first Marvel movie released?

What team, made up of reformed supervillains, is on Iron Man’s side in the “Civil War” comics?

Spider-Man will FINALLY be on-screen with Captain America and Iron Man. Who previously solely held the rights to put Spider-Man on-screen?

In the “Civil War” series, what is Project 42?

Who is assassinated after the conflict of the “Civil War” comic is over?

Iron Man sets up a new team at the end of the “Civil War” series. What’s it called?

A catastrophic event called M-Day preceded the “Civil War” comic conflict. What happened?

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