This Guys Shirt Supports The LGBT, Only It's Way More Hilarious Than You'd Think

You may have been seeing and hearing our Presidential candidates spouting the term LGBT every other five minutes. Whether they’re actually that passionate about the group is hard to tell but what the hell does LGBT stand for? LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender. Some people like to add a Q at the end which stands for Queer. But now there’s a new shirt going around to support another LGBT community, only this shirt is a little less serious and whole helluva lot more party.

Liberty, Guns, Beer and Tits! The great part about this shirt is it’s literally made for everyone. Unless you just don’t like one or more of the four things, which in that case you’re clearly a damn robot.

Sure, people could come up with their own initials and not use the LGBT‘s well-known acronym but what’s the fun in that! That’s like saying Mel Brooks shouldn’t have made Spaceballs just because people love Star Wars. Get a sense of humor, ya bleeding heart Liberal! If people are ready to have a little more fun and a little less tears, I call that a fucking win.

However this isn’t the first t-shirt design to parody the LGBT acronym. Check this one out!

Who doesn’t love liquor, guns, BACON and tits, right?

Either way, we better stock up for Christmas because these shirts are getting more popular by the day. Whether you love them or find them repulsive, again, it’s just a joke, people. The normal LGBT shirts still exist and have not been harmed during the making of these other hilarious shirts.

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