Worst Stephen King Movies of All Time

Two months after The Dark Tower stunk up the multiplex, IT came along and reminded all of us that it’s possible to adapt a Stephen King story in a way that can be embraced by audiences and critics, to the tune of new box-office records, even. There are quite a few good films as you can see in our best Stephen King movies list. But while that may be true, there are probably more that just haven’t hit the mark.

It’s almost hard to blame Hollywood for getting it wrong so often, simply because there have been so many attempts at adaptations from wildly diverse source material, tackled by filmmakers with wide ranging levels of talent. Stanley Kubrick, Frank Darabont, Brian De Palma. There have been some real heavy hitters who have smartly adapted the work of our favorite Maine based ultra prolific author. But for every Stand By Me, it seems like there are a dozen Maximum Overdrives. And so now, we’re forgetting the best, and looking at the rest. Whether your heart has a soft spot for them, or you really believe they’re good on some artistic level we can’t quite comprehend at the moment, we’re being open and honest in presenting the 10 worst Stephen King movies. ever made.